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There is an enormous hunger for spiritual literature among many of our fellow-Christians across the entire world. Preachers are panting for nourishment for their congregants. Young Christians long for the explanation of the Word, and to become equipped. But the dire scarcity of good Christian literature in their native language is a crucial limitation. As a result, the equipping of these Christians is often difficult.

Urged by this yearning, and the Biblical command to feed the sheep of the Lord (Give ye them to eat, Mark 6:37), various boards of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations (the Dutch Reformed Tract Society, the Relief Board, the Board for Israel, the Mission Board and the Evangelism Board) have started the digital literature project Bible and Book Ministry. This project consists of a website on which reliable spiritual reading materials can be downloaded in different languages without cost.

Presently the site offers spiritual literature in fifteen languages: Arabic, English, Hebrew, Hungarian, five Indian languages, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

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With the fifteen languages which are available on Bible and Book Ministry, we can reach a large proportion of the world’s population.

The direct motivation for starting this website was the fact that a large gift was presented to the Dutch Reformed Tract Society and the Board for Israel several years ago. This was specifically designated for the provision of spiritual literature. The question arose: how to most effectively utilize this gift. Then the suggestion was made to develop a literature website for e-books. A safe and effective method to provide reliable spiritual literature for as many people as we can reach.

The website is a source of reformed literature from the time of the (Further) Reformation, Puritanism, and from current authors. The purpose is make the core issues of the Christian faith easily accessible to various interest groups such as children, adults and leaders.

The progress of the project is dependent upon the support of the local congregations. According to Rev. A. Schot, one of the organizers of Bible and Book Ministry, the project addresses the core task which the Lord has given to His church. “We can see that our website is visited in distant parts of the world and that hundreds of books are being downloaded. The Lord will do with it what pleases Him.”

Project Coordinator

Johannes Schot

Johannes Schot

Since 2015 Johannes Schot has been involved in the work of Bible and Book Ministry, in which different boards participate. Deputies for Special Needs, Evangelization Israel and Mission are also involved in the project.

Johannes has been project coordinator of Bible and Book Ministry since 2022. From that position he supervises reading projects in almost all languages ​​that fall under the responsibility of the Bible and Book Ministry. He also manages the website bibleandbookministry.com and maintains the associated contacts in the Netherlands and abroad.

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