Proclaiming the Word is a diaconal task which we may not neglect

Paul Velthove22 dec

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Paul and his wife Janneke worked for ten long years as mission workers in the isolated Izi territory of Nigeria. They saw the church emerge and grow there. Meanwhile they are back in the Netherlands for a considerable time already. And, amongst other things, Paul now commits himself to his role as board member and adviser to the Relief Board. In this role he is also involved with the Bible and Book Ministry project.

“Proclaiming the Word is a diaconal task which, as a Christian, we may not neglect. It is wonderful to be able to help fellow Christians in our home country or elsewhere by means of ecclesiastical channels.”

In what way did you become associated with Bible and Book Ministry?

I did not only become associated with the project as an adviser and as a member of the Relief Board, but I also participate in the Committee Persecuted Church.

In your view, why is this digital literature project so important?

This project is so important because we possess a wealth of good books, which is not the case in very many countries. We cannot appreciate that enough. But consequently, the task also rests upon us to share this with others.

Can you say something about the Biblical command to spread the gospel, as it relates to the digital literature project?

The Biblical command to spread the gospel can be found in Matthew 28, as well as elsewhere. After the Lord Jesus had proclaimed His omnipotence, He gave this special task to the disciples: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations (…) teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” Of course, this primarily meant that they were to go spread the gospel. But it is certainly not limited to that: “… teaching … all things whatsoever I have commanded you.”

So, in addition to the Bible itself, Bible-based reading materials must also be spread. Wonderfully enough, this can be done online nowadays. Unrestricted access! That was also mentioned in the command: “all nations”!

How can we get our congregations as involved as possible with this project?

Pay special attention to the project in the periodicals (Silas, Noodklok, Saambinder, RD) which are read amongst us, in order to develop a familiarity with the names. But true involvement only occurs if the project is generously borne up in the prayers.

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